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MediaPush has 8 years of Google Ads, Social and PR experience, helping companies and brands drive more leads & revenue while growing awareness of their products and services. After helping brands write and distribute content we created a new take on PR helping companies generate guaranteed results. Thereby, helping them improve conversion rates and sales on their most important landing pages.  Writing “As Featured On” gives new customers the sense that your small business is a lot larger than it seems. 

Today, MediaPush helps small businesses publish their news stories and messages across the globe. From launch, our primary goal was to stimulate profitable growth for our clients and that vision continues unabated. 


“As a small company, getting featured on major news outlets is nearly impossible. MediaPush is a great hack for getting our message out there”

After years of networking events, calls and emails, eventually we built the network we have now — access to over 65 affiliates of major news stations including NBC, FOX, CBS, and MarketWatch. By writing and publishing articles about our clients through these channels, we are finally able to guarantee publication on these networks (and the social proof that comes with it) with you.

A quick, easy, surefire way to boost conversions is finally here and we look forward to helping you succeed!

— The MediaPush Team

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